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Building a Better Tomorrow

As working moms in the fields of public health and health, we believe it is our  duty to speak out for the health of others against health inequities. As mothers, it is our duty to protect the environment we are borrowing from our children and grandchildren.

With limited diversity in the environmental movement, Surili and Seema agree they would have benefited from seeing others that look like them as they navigated their young careers. Realizing the need for more diversity in the space, and even more of a need in leadership, Aawaz 4 Climate seeks to fill this gap through a wide network of inclusive professionals in the climate and health space. While they are social entrepreneurs themselves, they value ongoing development of themselves, along with others. 

As many Eastern cultures teach, Seema and Surili subscribe to the idea of Daana - vices are destroyed through giving and lifting others up. Together they aspire to lift up other voices in the climate and health movement so that they too see progress in their work (through professional and interpersonal development).

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