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Physician Engagement - The Future of #ClimateAction

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

On the latest episode of AawazTalks, we were joined by Dr. Ans Irfan, Director of the newly minted Climate and Health Equity practice fellowship. Ans' fellowship trains the next generation of climate and health leaders in the global South, so that more physicians are prepared to be advocates and catalysts of Climate Change Action in society and in their clinical practice.

This brings to light the important role of physical leaders in climate conversations. Unfortunately, the role climate change plays on health has been greatly overshadowed.

The fact is very few medical education programs offer climate education. Often times physicians are at a loss of how to get involved, yet physicians and clinicians will be on the frontlines of dealing with the growing adverse health impacts of climate change.

Our conversation with Dr. Ifran highlighted opportunities for physician leaders to get involved:

  • to educate their patients

  • engage in policy development

  • advocate for climate action

One thing is certainly clear - we need more physician leaders like Ans and more programs like the Climate, Health and Equity Practice fellowship!

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