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The Role of Healthcare in #climateandhealth

Jessica Wolff is the US Director of Climate and Health for Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth. She leads the climate team in developing strategies to engage and support the health care sector in working on climate solutions and in becoming a leading voice on climate change, health, and equity.

This week we talked to her about the important role the health care sector plays in climate change.

Jessica reminded us that everyone comes to work on climate and health issues from different paths. Earlier this year Seema and Surili shared a bit about how they came to the intersection of climate and health <link to previous video>.

We get to hear how Jessica came to this juncture in her career. Spoiler alert, she found her passion in the environmental space when she was a child.

Jessica makes a case that healthcare is the only sector with a healing mission. At the same time, the healthcare sector is a big contributor to the very diseases they are trying to treat. Still, there is big potential for the sector with the ability to make the most difference because healthcare professionals are trusted messengers.

Listen in to hear what challenges keep Jessica up at night and what gives her hope. We can’t thank Jessica for helping us make noise for climate!

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