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AawazTalk with Sarah Spengman: Hot Mama of the Year

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

This past year has been intense, right? We recognize how difficult it is to have a young child during a pandemic, but also equally if not more rewarding it is to see the world through their eyes. This week we connected with Sarah Spengeman about dealing with climate change through the eyes of a mother and through a pandemic.

I realize that climate change is a threat multiplier, and that everything I was working on and that I cared about so deeply was going to be very much impacted by climate change - Sarah Spengeman


Sarah walked us through her journey of joining the climate change movement as a health professional. She is deeply passionate about justice and social justice, and always worked on advocacy around advancing immigrant rights, labor rights or rights to healthcare.

Her passion to help mobilize the healthcare sector to act on climate change is inspired. So too is her newest podcast: Hot Mamas! Check out episode 2 where we had a chance to discuss our plans to support more diversity in the climate and health conversation. You’ll hear Sarah’s curiosity on navigating motherhood as a climate champion.

If you are interested in learning more about the projects Sarah shared during our AwwazTalk, check them about below:

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